Great customers! / by Igor Acord

So a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Marlene and Larry Simmons. They brought theyre pride n joy Spyder over fer a stripe job with a few small eagle images. No real direction besides that. Color and everything was up to me. Us stripers love that freedom! It was a super fun job. Especially when they came to pick it up. Really great to see someone as pleased as they were. Well, a couple weeks later they hauled their trailer up to the studio fer a matching paintjob. Did this BIG OL' 2 foot tall eagle on the lid. Then striped the rest of the trailer to match the bike. Theyre on the way here to pick it up and Im anxiously awaiting their reaction. As long as its somewhere near the reaction they had last time!

Thanks so much fer the business Marlene and Larry Simmons!!!!