Tattoo Rules! / by Igor Acord

Had the privilege of doin this sweet Reaper sign fer Brian Bruno at Absolute Art Tattoo in Richmond. He had a great image he wanted to use so I went with that and the rest is my handy work. That is, if ya like it. I suppose if ya don't its not very handy now is it? Its a big ol wood cut out. Completely HAND PAINTED of course. Added a little more depth by makin that bottom banner out of another piece and floating it on top of the main part of the sign. I know, so VERY tricky right! If yer not familiar with Brian Bruno's work, you'd be doin yerself a service to look him up. Quite an accomplished tattoo artist with one of the coolest shops you could ever walk in. You can stand in one spot for days and not see everything. Its packed full of great old stuff! 

So as luck would have it, The Fine Art Museum in Richmond has a great Japanese Tattoo Exhibit going on till September. Gonna head over and check that out with Brian Bruno. Kinda cool to have a great Japanese Tattoo artist along to 'splain me some details of the exhibit. Cant wait!

reaper hand painted sign